How To Use Harmony Hub With Google Home?

Harmony Hub is Google’s home device, which you can use to control your smart home devices with voice commands. Harmony allows you to create a control hub for all of your smart devices and then customize each one’s settings individually. By doing this, you can save up on the costs of buying separate smart home devices and save money in the long run by using a single hub that controls everything.

How do I use Harmony remote with Google Assistant?

Simply follow these four easy steps:

1. Pair Harmony remote with ANY device you want to use Google Assistant on by following the instructions here

2. Enable “Talk directly to Home” in Harmony and make sure that you have a smartphone paired before saving or linking your voice account (see below). /harmony-app/accounts

3. Ask Google Assistant, “Hey google What’s up?” You can then issue any of these commands: ‘Turn off Hotel mode’ | ‘Turn on TV’ | ‘Set Assistant volume to 1.’

How do I connect harmony hub to my google home device?

You need to create a Harmony account on

1. Create an invitation code from here:

2 . Login the site with your username and password if you have one already, or click “register” at the top near the “create an account” box that’s just below it there are three hyperlinked buttons for direct link creation; ios, android ,

3 . Registered users will be directed to the Harmony app store and log on using their existing credentials, but non-registered users need to create a new account

and sign up for an Harmony invitation code (see steps 1 & 2 above).

4 . download the Android, iOS or Windows app and then open it to access all your devices. You can see if there is a device nearby that recognizes you by looking at its name under “contacts”. If so right click on it and select “setup harmony” Name this remote ‘local’ unless you have different blinds in just one of the rooms.

If so you can use add  in your name ‘(i.e (Blind) ……. ‘.

Synchronizing account to an existing google home device means that Google assistant will appear on it if and when used with the harmony hub; otherwise for further description see pages 11-15 of this .pdf file

Update: As of Aug 2016, there’s now an updated version of the powerstrip that allows for hot swapping between plugs without turning off your Hub or without powering off in general (older models didn’t have this capability). This can be found here :

Can you change TV channels with Google home?

Yes. There are some propitiatory steps you can take to have google assistant work with your TV:

First, connect the HDMI cable from your hub to an available output on the back of your TV (check which ports it came in via a manufacturer’s guide).

Second , plug a device into one of those outputs. For example, I’ve chosen my Chromecast Audio . It works great for playing music and Spotify but for now since there

‘s no microphone for google assistant yet I can’t use it to control the TV.. If you have one of these devices that also has a well working chromecast capability (if not then install channel-resolver here .

Next go into youtube and search this video: From there, navigate through some apps until you find “Google Assistant.”

This is in the context menu of the Youtube app, which means you can select it using voice search or volume buttons.

Third : Say “Ok Google.” The prompts will vary depending on your TV model but for now my TV doesn’t support Smart Hub so I’ve got a standard tv within this selection screen . Then with that as an input say “Turn up my television”, etc. Without even touching any CLI inputs (which would make sense if

it actually were a smart hub device) coupled with the fact that all I was unable to do was control TV (which is primary function)… Either way… The result works!


Google Home is one of the most popular smart speakers in the market today. If you have not yet bought a speaker, then you might want to consider buying a Google Home. You can use it with your harmony hub, and control it from anywhere on your smartphone or tablet. You can even talk to it! That’s pretty cool! Let us know if you are using harmony hub with google home

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